Truffles - please note all flavours of truffles may not be available at all times, please message for your choice.

Milk Chocolate

Toffee & Butterscotch, decorated with small toffee pieces
Rhubarb & Custard - White centre, decorated with multi chocolate curls
Kir royal - Blackcurrant & champagne - White centre, sprayed pearly blue
Cappuccino, decorated with coffee nibs
Rosemary, made using Rosemary from my garden, sprayed pearly green
Elderflower & Champagne - white centre, sprayed a pearly lustre
Cognac, decorated with chocolate curls
Amaretto & Praline, sprayed gold and praline nibs
Orange - sprayed pearly bronze
Raspberry, decorated with raspberry powder
Salted Caramel, sprayed pearly gold
Peanut, decorated with peanut flavour powder
Cherry Cola, rufty tufty truffle, sprayed pearly red
Toffee nut latte, sprinkling of powder
Chai Latte - cinnamon, sprinkled with powder
Bucks Fizz - white centre, sprinkled with multi strands

White Chocolate

Candy floss, decorated with pink truffle powder
Mango and passion fruit - decorated with white chocolate curls
Lemon and Lavender - decorated with lilac truffle powder
Bake well Tart style - almond and raspberry decorated with flaked almonds
Pina colada - coconut, white rum and pineapple, sprayed pearly green
Raspberry Ripple - dusted with raspberry powder
Tiramisu - milk centre, dusted with cocoa powder
Peach Melba - strawberry & peach, sprayed with pearly red
Bubblegum - sprayed with a pearly blue spray
Gin and Lemon - decorated with yellow truffle powder
Strawberry & Champagne - pink swirly
Rosewater & Lychee - sprayed with pale pink pearly spray

Dark Chocolate

Rum and Raisin - decorated with dark curls
Gingerbread - sprayed gold
Raspberry - dusted with raspberry powder
Mint - decorated with mini mint stick
Blueberry & Blackberry - sprayed pearly blue
Orange - sprayed bronze
Mango and passionfruit - dusted with gold truffle powder
Lilac truffle powder - Violet with a hint of cinnamon
Sprinkles - Port, lemon & fruit cake

Chocolate Cups

Irish Coffee cream cups - lots of this liqueur in a white ganache, topped with small pieces of chewy fudge
Boozy Cherry - dark morello cherries soaked in Cointreau, with dark ganache, dark chocolate curls
Banoffee - caramel, banana flavoured ganache, topped with banana jelly bean and small fudge pieces
Honeycomb - chocolate ganache topped with a thick layer of honeycomb crumb
Eton Mess  Meringue, strawberry ganache, white ganache, topped with strawberry meringue pieces
Lemon Meringue - shortcake base, lemon curd, lemon ganache, topped with mini meringues
Triple chocolate - chocolate ganache, chocolate curls and chips.