Lovlies will not be taking any new orders while Trish recovers from the total replacement of her right shoulder.

Postage and packaging included in the price. When ordering, please specify choice of flavours. When selecting small boxes, please specify choice of boxes.

Please contact us if:
  • You wish to advise us of any allergens.
  • You want to collect and receive a discount.
3 layer chocolate box with your selection of 12 truffles.
A single layer box with your selection of 8 truffles.
Box of 12 truffles, filled with your selection.
Red embossed chest full of your own selection of treasure - 8 truffles
Cute brown textured handbag with your selection of 6 truffles
Gold and brown or all gold box with your selection of 4 truffles.
A clear box, with embossed insert, containing 12 pieces of our Fluffy cloud mallow, mixed box of flavours.
A cream coloured, decorated and embelished chocolate box, full of your selection of 16 truffles
A silver chocolate box filled with your selection of 18 truffles, our biggest box.